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Award Winning CEO

Jim Feliciano

Jim Feliciano is a dynamic award-winning CEO known for his high level of business acumen and visionary leadership. As the founder and CEO of Plumbing Unlimited, a marketing powerhouse bolstered by an integral coaching element, where he was able to provide coaching and mentorship to over 400 clients, Jim has demonstrated his ability to excel in the competitive world of business.

With a solid foundation in business development, Jim specializes in growing and scaling companies, and he has a remarkable track record of taking businesses from zero to over 8 million in annual revenues. What sets Jim apart is his ongoing collaboration with Tony Robbins and his team, which plays a critical role in his success. Jim leverages the valuable insights and strategies he learns from Tony Robbins in all areas of life and business, making him a true force to be reckoned with in the world of entrepreneurship.

His prowess extends to the realms of sales and marketing, where he's consistently delivered outstanding results. Jim is a go-getter with an unwavering determination to turn innovative ideas into reality. Above all, he is driven by a deep desire to make a positive impact on as many people as possible on this earth. Through his business ventures, leadership, and unwavering commitment to excellence, Jim Feliciano of Plumbing Unlimited continues to inspire and influence others in the pursuit of their dreams.

If you’re serious about transforming your business and want to be Jim’s next success story, click the button below to book a complimentary consultation – it costs you nothing, and if you don’t feel like it was worth your time, Jim will personally donate $1,000 to a charity of your choice. How’s that for a No B.S. Guarantee!

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From Nothing To Something

Jim, a service plumber originally from New York City, now resides in Austin, Texas, with his wife Adriana and their two children. He openly shares his life's challenges, stemming from a modest upbringing, financial hardships, nearly experiencing homelessness, witnessing his parents' daily struggles to make ends meet, dropping out of college, facing near bankruptcy, and eventually transforming into the founder of a highly successful marketing company and later multiple plumbing companies. Jim's dedication to his work led him to invest 80-hour workweeks, experience a period of separation from his wife, only to reunite and together build thriving businesses and a strong family. He chronicles his inspiring journey on his YouTube channel, emphasizing the profound realization of what truly matters in life.

Today, he spends the majority of his time coaching his kids in soccer, traveling, and consulting for some of the world's leading home service companies. Additionally, Jim leverages his expertise in mergers and acquisitions, where he acquires and integrates other home services companies, applying his successful playbooks to create synergistic growth and transformation.

In addition to his professional accomplishments, Jim is a committed family man, deeply loved by his wife and two children. His life story, which also includes a courageous battle with cancer, serves as a powerful source of inspiration, fueling his unwavering mission to make a positive impact on the lives of others.

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Jim’s Brands

Plumbing Unlimited stands as a beacon of marketing excellence in the heart of Austin, Texas. With a passion for high-level performance, this company has not only mastered the art of marketing but has seamlessly integrated a pivotal coaching element into its core philosophy. Through their innovative strategies and unwavering dedication, Plumbing Unlimited has transformed businesses, turning visions into thriving realities.

What sets Plumbing Unlimited apart is not just their marketing prowess, but their commitment to mentorship and coaching. With a deep understanding of the nuances of the business world, they have successfully guided and empowered over 400 clients. Their coaching programs are not just about imparting knowledge; they are transformative experiences, fostering growth, confidence, and resilience among their clients.

In addition to their coaching initiatives, Plumbing Unlimited excels in the realm of business acquisitions. Their strategic insights and keen understanding of market trends have facilitated seamless acquisitions, enabling businesses to expand and evolve.

Located in the vibrant city of Austin, Plumbing Unlimited is more than a marketing company; it’s a hub of inspiration and innovation. Rooted in the belief that every business has the potential to thrive, Plumbing Unlimited continues to redefine industry standards. Their journey is not just about achieving success for themselves; it’s about empowering others to reach unparalleled heights. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Plumbing Unlimited is not just a company; it’s a transformative force in the world of business.

The Tradesman Trust Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating home service workers, ensuring they can run their businesses with utmost efficiency and expertise. This foundation embodies a profound dedication to excellence, providing valuable resources and support to individuals and businesses in the trades industry.

At its core, the Tradesman Trust Foundation is more than just an organization; it’s a movement that believes in the power of craftsmanship and integrity. By offering comprehensive education and training, they empower home service workers to enhance their skills and optimize their operations. The foundation serves as a guiding light, helping these skilled artisans navigate the complexities of running a successful business in the home service sector.

One of the foundation’s key initiatives is providing accessible education, equipping entrepreneurs with the knowledge they need to thrive. Through workshops, online resources, and mentorship programs, the foundation imparts essential business skills, promoting financial stability and long-term success among home service professionals.

Additionally, the Tradesman Trust Foundation is deeply committed to community engagement. Through outreach programs, they actively contribute to the communities they serve. By fostering a sense of pride and respect for skilled trades, they are shaping a future where home service workers are not just respected but celebrated for their expertise and contributions.

In a world where innovation meets tradition, the Tradesman Trust Foundation stands tall, advocating for the home service industry and its invaluable contributions to society. With a mission to uphold trust, excellence, and efficiency, they are not merely empowering businesses; they are building a legacy of skilled professionals, strong communities, and a brighter future for all.


VERTICL is a specialized service provider catering to local businesses, with a specific focus on plumbing and HVAC companies. They operate as a strategic bridge, connecting these businesses with high-quality leads essential for their growth and success.

At the heart of their operations lies a deep understanding of the plumbing and HVAC industries. Leveraging their expertise, they curate targeted leads, ensuring that local businesses receive inquiries from potential customers genuinely interested in their services. This tailored approach not only saves time and resources for these businesses but also maximizes their chances of converting leads into valuable clients.

VERTICL stands out for its commitment to providing comprehensive and relevant leads. Through extensive market research and analysis, they identify and qualify prospects, delivering a stream of potential customers directly to the doorsteps of plumbing and HVAC companies. This strategic approach not only boosts business revenue but also strengthens the local economy by supporting thriving enterprises.

In the competitive landscape of local services, the VERTICL acts as a reliable partner, empowering plumbing and HVAC businesses to focus on what they do best – delivering exceptional services to their clients. By providing a steady influx of qualified leads, this company plays a pivotal role in the growth and sustainability of these essential local services, ensuring they continue to flourish in their communities.


The Alpha Tradesman stands as a pinnacle in the world of business mentorship, offering an exclusive and invite-only consulting program crafted to elevate businesses to unparalleled heights. In this prestigious initiative, you partner with industry experts to receive personalized guidance aimed at maximizing your company’s revenue streams.

Through the Alpha Tradesman program, participants gain access to a highly curated community of entrepreneurs, each carefully selected for their exceptional achievements and potential. This invite-only approach ensures that the program is filled with dedicated, high-performing individuals, fostering a collaborative environment where innovative ideas flourish.

As a member of this exclusive community, you collaborate closely with seasoned professionals, leveraging their insights and strategies to implement targeted approaches for revenue generation. The program focuses on refining existing business models, enhancing operational efficiency, and identifying innovative avenues for growth, all within a tight-knit circle of like-minded entrepreneurs.

What sets the Alpha Tradesman apart is its hands-on approach. Unlike traditional mentorship programs, this initiative fosters a deep partnership where experts actively engage with your company, providing real-time solutions and actionable steps to boost revenue. The program is not just about acquiring knowledge; it’s a transformative journey, equipping businesses with the tools and expertise needed to thrive in competitive markets.

By being part of this invite-only mastermind, businesses gain a competitive edge, harnessing the collective intelligence of industry leaders and experts. This partnership not only drives immediate revenue growth but also instills a sustainable framework for long-term success. As an invited participant, you’re not just a client; you’re a valued partner, embarking on a journey towards unprecedented business prosperity under the guidance of the best in the industry.

Friends of Karen is a transformative organization that has left an indelible mark on Jim’s life since childhood. Born into adversity, Jim faced a life-threatening cancer diagnosis at the tender age of 2, while his family struggled to make ends meet, relying on welfare and Medicaid for support. In an environment where failure seemed inevitable, Friends of Karen emerged as a beacon of hope, providing not only financial aid but also a lifeline of emotional support during Jim’s family’s darkest hours.

Friends of Karen isn’t just a charity; it’s a lifeline for families facing the unimaginable. Committed to easing the burden of families dealing with a child’s critical illness, Friends of Karen offers vital emotional, financial, and practical assistance. The impact of this organization has resonated deeply with Jim, inspiring him to make a difference.

Today, Friends of Karen is not just a cause; it’s Jim’s brand of giving back. With a heart full of gratitude, Jim has embraced the mission of Friends of Karen, becoming an active contributor and advocate for positive change. Through his brand, he not only makes generous contributions but also actively engages with the organization to enhance its charitable initiatives.

Jim’s involvement is more than just financial; it’s a genuine commitment to improving the lives of others. His hands-on approach reflects his belief in the power of collective action and community support. By aligning his brand with Friends of Karen, Jim is not only enhancing the charity but also inspiring others to join the cause, ensuring that the ripple effect of his contributions continues to create a wave of positive change. Together, they are shaping a future where compassion, resilience, and generosity prevail, one contribution at a time.


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If you’re serious about transforming your business and want to be Jim’s next success story, click the button below to book a business profit growth session – it costs you nothing, and if you don’t feel like it was worth your time, Jim will personally donate $1,000 to a charity of your choice.

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